Do you struggle every night to endure the most obvious thing at night? Falling Asleep! 

If you keep tossing in bed every night and changing sides several times does not help you, then you are not alone in this world. Yes! Studies show that a greater chunk of the world’s population  fight with sleeplessness. About one-in-three people experience some sort of insomnia these days.

Sliding screens of your mobile phone or staring at the ceiling whole night, no matter what keeps you awake till 3 in the morning, it has a negative impact on your health. No, stumbling off to the pharmacy is not the only option to fight sleeplessness. Here are a few tips you can adopt to have quick and sound sleep because it is incredibly essential to keep your body function properly. 

Five Best Tips To Stop Being An Owl At Night

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1. Put your phone in the locker after dinner

The most commonly scenario of today’s generation is: The moment the light is switched off the pervasive glow of electronic gadgets is turned on. And, the blue light emitted from these gadgets pose great threat to sleep. Blue light is best at preventing the release of Melatonin, the sleep inviting hormone. The best thing you can do to yourself is to either lock up your mobile phones, tabs and computers somewhere, or ensure that you hook yourself up in the other room. Keeping the phone on silent mode will also work!

2. Dim the light of your room

The internal clock of human body is influenced by light. Exposure to more light in the day makes it stay alert and active. And, dim light invites sleep by increasing the secretion of Melatonin in the brain. You may also use dark shades of curtains in your bedroom to give a soothing feel to the eyes. 

3. Lower the temperature of your bedroom

Did you know that the internal temperature of your body helps in tuning your body clock? When you tend to sleep, the temperature of your body drops by a few degrees. This helps in the sleeping process. You can aid in the process by lowering the temperature of your thermostat. The secret to getting quick sleep is cool dark room, with a sound proof wall maybe. 

4. Wash your body

Having a warm shower acts like a sleeping pill for many. If taking shower sounds hectic to you, you can still step in to wash your face and legs with a quick splash. You gotta do it to believe how it works. It acts as the best medicine to calm you down and normalize your heart rate. It better sets you off to sleep with a calm and soothe mind. Send yourself off to dreamland in a few minutes. 

5. Spread the aroma of love

Fragrances have a special connection with the nervous system of your body. The sense of smell co-ordinates with the body to control your mood and aura. Sweet aroma of lavender or lily in your bedroom will help you relax your brain. Tempt yourself with an inviting sleeping atmosphere by spraying your favorite room freshener before you jump into the bed. 

6. Pen down your to-do list before bedtime

Research says when you pen down the undone tasks of today and to-do list for tomorrow on to paper, it relaxes your brain. It’s like unloading the burdens on your head and setting the path of your sleep. So, simply having a notepad and a pen on your side table can ease your sleep struggle. This 5-minutes task everyday at bedtime will train your body to relax once you’re done with it.

7. Craft the perfect nighttime routine

Human brain acts like a “Good Boy” most of the time. You train it to do something and you’ll never be turned down. If you fix a time to sleep and set yourself off to your bed at exactly the same time everyday, it will become your habit. And, no one can stop you from falling asleep the moment the clock strikes your sleep-time. 

8. Say no to caffeine after dinner

Caffeine helps your brain to stay active. But, staying alert at night is not your goal right now. Stop yourself from consuming caffeine at least 6 hours before you sleep. Whether it is coffee, tea, or soda, do not get tempted to anything after evening hours. However, if you’re really obsessed, then get yourself a cup of green tea or black tea. 

9. Eat dinner early

Late dinners is never healthy for your body. It is important to align your habits as per your body’s circadian clock. Early dinners help your systems to relax early and get sleep early. It is also best if you want to shed off your extra pounds and loose some weight.  

10. Walk a mile 

“After lunch sleep a while, after dinner walk a mile.” This is an old quote that promises good health. Walking a few minutes after dinner helps the body function properly. It not only aids digestion, but also gets you sleep without making any extra efforts. A mild walk in the lawn works great in getting quick sleep.

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