If I say there’s such a shop in this world where you don’t have to stand in a queue to pick items or wait at billing counters to pay bills; just enter the store, grab your favorite products from the huge shelves of chilled juice drinks, fancy salads, artisanal chocolates and walk out, then would your agree? Sounds like a story of a Hollywood fiction movie, right? Voila! It now exists.

You must have heard of Amazon, the e-commerce giant. This time it has launched a completely unique shopping platform named as ‘Amazon Go’. Some people are calling it techy-cool while others are saying it’s creepy-weird. But Amazon calls it as world’s most advanced shopping technology.

Highlights of Amazon Go

Amazon Go is the first brick-and-mortar convenience store of the e-commerce giant that has no check out worries. The shop is fully automated and cashier less. The store is spread in an area of 1,800 sqft., and located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA., on the ground floor of Amazon’s headquarters. 

If you are thinking to ask “Why did Amazon build Amazon Go?” Then, here’s the answer. 

We asked ourselves: what if we could create a shopping experience with no lines and no checkout? Could we push the boundaries of computer vision and machine learning to create a store where customers could simply take what they want and go? Our answer to those questions is Amazon Go and Just Walk Out Shopping”.  

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  • The store is equipped with high end technology devices and sensors to track your movement. When you first enter the store, you’ll feel like you’re in the BigBoss’s house where hundreds of cameras are fixed in the ceiling to track all your movements.
  • They’ve used cameras and infused sensors to detect what food or alcohol you pick from the shelves.
  • It has no shopping carts or baskets inside the store. You can put the items into Amazon’s orange colored shopping bags you’ll walk out with, or directly jostle the items into your pocket without any hesitation.
  • Shelves are regularly monitored and refilled by stockers. 
  • When you walk out after your shopping, it will automatically charge you as per your picked items.

How to Shop at Amazon Go?

The eligibility criteria to shop at Amazon Go is to have any of the latest generation iOS or android phone. You just need to create your Amazon Account and download Amazon Go app from Amazon Appstore. You can find this at Apple Store and Google Play as well. Now come to the high-tech turnstiles. Open the app, wave the code appearing on your screen above the gate to open. If you have ever used mobile boarding pass at the airport then you must be familiar with this act.

Step in and Amazon GO is all there to welcome you inside the most innovative store of one kind. As soon as you enter the store with the first swipe of your phone, Amazon begins tracking your movement with the help of pre-installed camera and highly productive infrared sensors.

 Amazon Go, convenience store, Amazon retail, Amazon Seattle


Now you can start picking your desired items from the shelves. When you take off something from shelf, it automatically gets added to your virtual cart. If you change your mind and keep the item back into the shelf, the efficient store’s technology system updates your cart within a second.

Amazon Go, convenience store, Amazon retail, Amazon Seattle


If you want to buy Alcohol, you need to show your ID to the employee standing around in bright Amazon Orange aprons. Once you’re done with your selections then you are allowed to take exit through porcelain-white turnstiles without facing any cashier. And, as you step out with something in your virtual cart, you receive a push notification of your receipt.  

Amazon Go, convenience store, Amazon retail, Amazon Seattle


How Amazon GO Works?

The method or algorithm behind “Just Walk Out” technology is yet not revealed by Amazon. But they have said that it’s somewhat based upon techniques applied in self driving cars  as well as computer vision and the image processing techniques .

  • Cameras determine your interactions with the shelves.
  • Computer vision along with machine-learning algorithms figures out the items which are taken.

What Amazon GO Has In The Store? 

There are variety of items you can pick from Amazon GO store such as ready-to-eat breakfast; Lunch, dinner and snacks cooked by Amazon’s personal chefs and collected from local kitchens and bakeries; Grocery essentials like bread, milk and artisan cheeses; Chocolates; Bear and Wine; Juices and Minerals etc. 

Amazon Go, convenience store, Amazon


Bottom Line:

 Amazon GO has come with some really good idea to make shopping easy. But, technology is not always just a blessing, it’s whammy too. The cashier less store concept is coming as threat to millions of retail jobs, America’s second-most common job. As per federal data, 3.5 million American’s work as cashiers in different retails stores in the country. The tracking technology is also raising the privacy and data collection concerns. 

Faiz Akram is an engineer, a writer and a philosopher by nature. Always passionate about spreading knowledge and awareness among people. He is a blogger and a tech savvy. He also loves to capture moments with the click of his camera. He purely believes what we do in life echoes in eternity. His favorite quote is, 'Be a voice, not an echo'.