Eager to know about ‘Android Go’? Well, it seems like the word ‘GO’ is becoming an identifier of the technological advancements. After the most unique and acclaimed Amazon Go, one more advancement is on its way trending as ‘Go’. This time it’s not about hi-tech shopping, it’s all about upgraded version of Android OS.

If you are using a basic mobile phone that has less than 1 GB memory then here’s a good news for you. Very soon, your dream of getting smart functions in low end phones is going to be true. Say thanks to the technology giant Google.

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Few years ago, Google had promised to come up with an idea to revolutionize the entry level smartphones. Targeting billions of mobile users from countries like India, Google is all set to deliver a new mobile OS – Android Go. It is believed to lower the entry-barrier of basic smartphones in these emerging markets. Google has announced that it will introduce the ‘Android GO’ mobile phones next week at Mobile World Congress 2018, the biggest and utmost exciting event in the mobile commerce. So, what is the reality of this revolutionized ‘Android Go’?

Details of Android Go

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Android Go is an optimized and less resource-heavy version of the most widely used mobile OS-Android. It has been developed to run on very low-end and extremely cheap hardware (such as 512 MB phones). It means, non-performant chipsets and storage will experience performance optimizations at the OS level.

Mobile devices featured with this version of android will fall under $50 price range or less. This will facilitate the manufacturers with stable, striking, and easy-to-use software capability for very low-priced phones. After the availability of this OS version, the popular applications like Gmail, Chrome, Google Map and Google App store will be in line with ‘Go’ version. In addition, Google-Assistant is also going to be optimized which will allow users to quickly send messages, make calls, set alarms, and many more with their voices.

The first version of Android Go is coming on Android 8.1 Oreo. The Operating System features data management. Users will be able to closely monitor data usage.

Features of Android GO (Oreo) version of mobile:

android go. android OS, android phone, mobile OS


  • More storage due to pre-installed and light-weight app sizes
  • Better performance with the help of ‘Files Go’, a new app from Google to manage files and contents including embarrassing selfies 🙂
  • Data savings with built in data manager
  • Peer to peer sharing
  • Security with ‘Google play protect’
  • Device tracking with the help of ‘Find My Device’ feature.

Bottom line :

For people who are not able to afford new and powerful smartphones available in the market due to their tight budget, it’s GO time for them. Android Go is designed to run primarily on phones with less than 1 GB of RAM. There will be many smart like phones that will fall under affordable price. Its surely is going bring a smile on the face of low budget users. They will also be able to watch popular videos streaming apps like ‘YouTube Go’.

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