“Technology has a language. It’s called code”, says Apple. And, now it claims that ‘Everyone Can Code’. 

If you want to learn technology, then you need to learn coding. Learning to code enables you to solve problems and make developments in the IT world. Coding helps in developing apps and give life to ideas. But so far, it has not been everyone’s cup of tea. The ability to grasp and learn coding techniques is difficult for majority of the crowd. With Apple’s ‘Everyone Can Code’ program every next guy can realize his dream of becoming a coder. It has impeccably simplified the learning, writing, and teaching of computer programs. 

Swift – The coding language for everyone

The common man’s coding language developed by Apple is Swift which is super easy to use. It lets the coder or programmer see what they’re creating simultaneously while writing the code. It has code writing part in the left and the result window on the right. So, as one types the code, he can immediately see the result beside it. The language uses common words and phrases such as “print,” “add,” and “remove”.

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Many popular apps have been created using Swift. A few to name are:

  • WeChat: A chat app
  • Swift Radio: A radio station app
  • SoundCloud 
  • Artsy: Auction App for Arts

Swift Playgrounds – Coding is ‘cake walk’ for first time coders

Do you consider yourself an infant in the world of coding? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore about the difficulties faced in learning coding. The tech giant, Apple, has taken a compelling move to revolutionize the way of code. 

Swift Playgrounds is an iPad app for coding beginners. It has made the ‘getting started’ with coding a great fun. It consists of built-in Learn to Code lessons that allows users to use real code while solving puzzles that can be controlled with a simple tap. The Introduction to App Development in Swift book helps the first time programmers to start with their first app development task. Apple Coding now seems to empower every aspiring developer with its super easy program. Hopefully, everyone can take its benefits and learn.  

Free ‘Everyone Can Code’ program in schools and colleges

Apple has crafted a unique Everyone Can Code curriculum that assists students from kindergarten to college to learn coding with ease. With the help of teachers and guides, one can start coding on an iPad and then move to create real apps on Mac. Coding is now equally easy whether you’re a first-time coder or an ambitious app developer. 

Apple coding app, everyone can code, iPhone coding, App Development, learn coding, SWIFT



The company is on the go with its ‘Everyone Can Code’ mission by expanding the program to more than 20 colleges and universities globally. The universities that have signed on for the program are from Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand and UK. Students can now enroll for the App Development with Swift Curriculum which is a one-year course developed by Apple engineers. This will enable students of all levels and backgrounds to learn coding and app designing with easy. This is so going to boom the App economy. 

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