Feel the style inside? This winter you will with the Ugg Thigh-highs!

Ugg, the famous footwear manufacturer, is known for its sheepskin boots. The company has decided to combine fashion with tradition with its latest launch of thigh high uggs. Traditionally, people wear these kind of boots during winter and rainy season. However, the launch a new series of boots as ‘Thigh-High’ has created a bizzare storm over the Internet. The company released this weird looking boots last week in Paris fashion week. Hope you’re going to love the kind of collections they have.

Let’s have a closer look at it:

What Do You Get with Thigh High Uggs: 

Many of you might think that these pair of boots will provide an immense level of comfort during the harsh winter season. Though, these boots may not be as comfortable as sports shoes, but it will surely protect your feet from the harsh cold weather. Well, these shoes are’t for athletes, these serve the purpose of providing warmth to your feet. Uggs have created a benchmark in the world of boot manufacturers by combining style with comfort. So, you can now style your legs wrapped with these attractive boots! Isn’t it cool for the winter? 

Bizarre over the Internet:

These thigh high uggs have been manufactured for both man and women, and just like you people are loving it. The boot manufacturer has used high-quality sheepskin and few other materials to keep the interior of these boots insulated.

The sheepskin exterior of the boots makes it look strong and rigid. The soft materials have been used inside the boots to provide the maximum level of comfort. This will keep your feet warm and dry during the winter.

The manufacturer, UGG has also used fur to make this boot look more attractive. For many fashion critiques, these boots are an ugly pair of shoes, in spite of successfully attracting many celebrities. Many celebrities have clicked their photos and uploaded on their social media wearing these boots.

The Inspiration!


The shoe manufacturer has created these thigh high boots in collaboration with French Cult brand the Y project. Martens have written in a press release that putting feet inside these boots feels like putting it inside melted butter. High-quality sheepskin and other high-grade materials have been used to provide so much comfort. For many people, these boots look ugly, but that has not stopped these shoes from being popular. From teenage to older people, these boots have attracted all of them successfully. The manufacturing company will make these boots available for its customers in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2018.

Fashion Vs Luxury 

Initially, these boots are available in brown color only. The officials of Ugg have promised that they will also bring the tan, white and another variant color of these boots soon. If you want to add these boots to your wardrobe, you may start saving. That is because these boots can seriously burn a hole in your pocket.

The price range goes something between $1000 to $1400. But fashion and luxury never come at a cheap price. The internet is full of the images of these thigh-high boots, and the company is expecting a large number of sales after its release. Hopefully these thigh high uugs are going to completely change the concept of conventional boring looking boots.