Data is the core of everything. There are several successful solutions that have embraced the world’s information in huge datacenters, but did you hear about DNA storage? With the growing technologies and innovations, these datacenters are falling short or getting really big in terms practicality. Science is now looking into nature to find the best method for data storage, in a way that will make it last for years. 

Scientists are on the move to develop a new storage technology where DNA encoding method can save the maximum amount of information per nucleotide. Imagine a single DNA, which is microscopic, can store the whole world’s data. Fascinating, right?

Solving The Data Storage Problem

DNA is not only an amazing space saver; it could also help in preserving any stuff with robustness and longevity. Unlike DVD’s or USB storage devices, the data present in DNA can’t be erased or it won’t degrade over time. As long as we don’t forget how to decode DNA, our brains are always there to decode the data. It’s like something you may have trouble doing now when you need to recover important information from a box of the compact disc in your shed.

DNA, DNA storage, storage, data storage


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Storage House Of The Future 

We can preserve DNA in the form of strands, as already seen in fossilization. These strands can be long enough to store the complete set of genes in an organism. The idea of storing digital data in a thread-like chain of nucleotides is on the card since years, but rapid developments have been observed in the last couple of years. Moreover, electronic computer files can be quite large ranging from gigabytes to terabytes in size for large databases, whereas DNA strands have to be much tinier holding only about 20 bytes each. 

DNA Storage Concept Moves Beyond Expectations

We need to rethink the basic components of computers to keep pushing the boundaries of computing technology. No doubt, such a bio-storage technology could show a permanent solution to a problem growing ever more apparent in our digital world. It can become a good source to store billions of gigabytes of data that make up the Internet.

DNA, DNA storage, storage, data storage


Scientists say that they could take all of the information and adjust it in your living room by encoding information using DNA. For creating strands of DNA that encode for anything you like, whether it might be your favorite hero’s movie or academic notes, you have to take bits of information and translate them from the 1s and 0s on a computer chip into the four letters of DNA.

Advantages Of This Storage Technology

The technology has got several advantages in the basket. It can preserve useful stuff for hundreds and thousands of years without any degradation, if kept in a cool and dry place. It will consume so little space that you can’t even imagine. You will be able to decode it as long as a human can read and write DNA. Above everything, it promises sustainability. 

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