What’s your preferred way of sitting? Most people find it stylish to sit with cross legs. Crossing one leg over the other is a very prevalent manner of sitting. In some state of affairs it’s considered as an emblem of modesty, also looks sexy and elegant. Especially among women, this is the most preferred way of sitting. The reason could be either their short skirts or long shiny legs. 🙂

sitting posture, cross leg, health issues, palsy


Well, unlike the facial expressions and gestures, the science of body language has a specific thesis on sitting style. Many researchers have pointed out the secrets behind the different styles of positioning of legs. During 80’s, it was a signature sitting style of the British comedian Kenny Everett. Places like Turkey and Ghana find this sitting position offensive whereas countries like USA, crossing legs is mostly common. Even a Hollywood director has addressed this posture in the movie ‘The Princess Diaries’.

But, have you ever tried to find whether this is good or bad from health perspective? Have you ever given it a thought? Well, if not then let’s find it out. You all must be familiar with the word – Palsy. It is a kind of paralysis, often goes with weakness, loss of feeling and uncontrolled body movements. This is a fact that sitting long time in same position leads your legs or feet go numb and dazed. If you believe in bio-science, it is said that maintaining a certain posture for hours can lead to a state called peroneal nerve paralysis or palsy. 

sitting posture, cross leg, health issues, palsy


Various studies have revealed that when you sit crossed leg, it puts pressure on the peroneal nerve behind the knee. This is why doctors advise most often to uncross legs to avoid upsurge of blood pressure and reduce its relative effects. In addition to this, Varicose veins is other reason which forbids to sit in this particular gesture. Varicose veins are commonly visible in upper age women and those having multiple pregnancy. Some researchers have also warned about its adverse effects on the back, hip and pelvis. 

Adverse effects of sitting cross legged at a glace :

  • Rise in blood pressure
  • Exacerbate varicose veins
  • Pelvic imbalance
  • Back and Neck pain
  • Fuzzy brain
  • Stunted breathing
  • Lack in focusing. 

The Controversy

Many researchers and studies have refused to accept that sitting with crossed leg is bad. Few of them call it a myth. That’s why this topic has seen big debates among the researchers. Dr. Mohammed Moursi, a UAMS vascular surgeon, has different opinion about vascular problem. He said, “Crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins, but they result from an intrinsic problem with the veins themselves”. Similarly, it is also said that crossed legs can’t be blamed for rise in blood pressure, because the pressure built upon crossing legs is released as soon as you uncross. So, there is no matter of panic.

Bottom line:

Instead of getting involved into any debate about crossed-leg-sitting is good or bad, you must consider the fact that spending too much time in exactly same posture may put you in some health risk. So it’s wise to take breaks and stretch out. Don’t put yourself comfortable for a long time – get up and  start moving.

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