After showing a lot of patience, Leonardo DiCaprio finally got his Academy Award in 2015 for his movie ‘The Revenant’. However, it looks like since then he has not much acting. The fabulous superhero has either become very selective or just waiting to listen from the film makers.

Well, the DiCaprio fans need not worry. His first movie after getting the Oscar has been announced via Deadline. And, it is said to be a mysterious Quentin Tarantino project, the name of which has not yet been revealed. DiCaprio and Tarantino has worked together in ‘Django Unchained’ in 2012. It has been a long time, isn’t it?

Leonardo DiCaprio


The Producers

David Heyman, the producer of the Harry Potter movies, is the producer of this untitled film. And, the other names include Tarantino and Shannon McIntosh, with Georgia Kacandes as the executive producer and line producer.

The Cast

Sources say that Tarantino has asked Margot Robbie for his movie. If she signs then it will be her debut in Tarantino’s films and she’ll play the role of Sharon Tate in this movie. However Robbie has already done her first movie with Dicaprio. They had first appeared together in ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Also, according to Deadline, Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have been circling the untitled project with Leonardo for undisclosed roles.

The Story

Though the title of the movie has not yet been finalised or revealed by the film makers, yet it is unofficially known as Tarantino’s Charles Manson movie. It is said that DiCaprio is playing an “aging actor” in a “Pulp Fiction-esque movie set in 1969 Los Angeles.” The film is expected to release on August 9, 2019.

Not much is known about DiCaprio’s character in the film. According to Deadline, it is a story about “A TV star and his stunt double who attempt to make the move to the big screen in the middle of the politically charged landscape of Hollywood in 1969, right as the Golden Age of Hollywood was giving way to the American New Wave.”

Whoever may be the cast opposite Dicaprio or whatever may be its title, the fans of the Titanic hero have to wait with fingers crossed till August 9, 2019, to watch him on big screen.

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