We have been hearing about ‘Digital Detox’ often here and there, but for sure never gave any heed to what exactly it is. Can you imagine yourself waking up with the birds chirping in melodious mood or spending an afternoon in the backyard with newspaper in hand? Seems like we’re talking about our old grannies’ era. Today, we wake up with a WhatsApp alert and then scroll down through the Facebook screens, Tweet a few insane statements that has nothing to do with our own selves and then get on to work with those techy laptops. What are we heading to?

Live The Beautiful World Around You

No, this is not what we are supposed to do with our body, God’s priceless gift! This is where everyone of us needs a Digital Detox. Probably you are still wondering what am I talking about. Well, digital detox is a way in which you can reboot yourself as fresh as possible. It’s a period of time during which you got to stop yourself from using all sorts of electronic gadgets such as smartphones, computers, iPads, MP4 players, and so on. It is the opportunity that you give yourself to reduce stress, get refreshed and focus on social interaction in the beautiful physical world that surrounds you.

Expert’s Take On This

Trust me or not, experts are coming with a bucket of warnings regarding this and each of them is quite dire so far the human health is concerned. Worried now? Let’s take a look.

According to the Digital Detox partner Charlotte Walsh, “Technology may be incredibly useful and educational and it undoubtedly allows us much creativity, connectivity and enjoyment. But if it begins to distract you from doing what you should be doing – like your job or your education – or it negatively affects your relationships, or costs you more money than you can afford, then it starts to become dangerous. If it is negatively impacting your life you need to evaluate what you do online, when and with whom.”

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According to Walsh, this needs a very precise kind of a self-discipline and sometimes complete detachment from it. Here are some quick tips to go for a digital detox right next.

1. Prioritize passion over gadgets:

According to Dr. Sally Ann Law, making two lists is essential before starting the detox. The first list will have the names of the gadgets that you use. This list will show the kind of dependence you have on technology. In the second list you will have to include the things that you consider to be enjoyable in your life, but now you no longer do them. This leads to the realization that without these gadgets, what kind of enjoyment you can have with life.

2. Delete These Apps Today:

In this App dependent era, it is very important to understand what you actually need and what has just become your need. Technology and smart Apps may seem to have simplified our lives but how far? What’s ‘behind the curtain’ scene? Research has revealed that social media apps make people feel miserable by seeing others lifestyles. You need to delete the apps that kill your time, depress you, take away your money, and steal your sleep right away. These include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go, Amazon, Walmart, the list is unending. Over that, few apps make you work 24/7, such as Google Docs and Slack. Give rest to your body. It deserves!

3. Talk to each other

digital detox, stress management, meditation, detox


We have trained ourselves so well with these digital gadgets that no matter where or with whom we are, the only thing that grabs our concentration is our smart phone. Don’t we disregard the most special persons in our lives this way? Please behave a bit orthodox here and switch your your smart device for a few hours. Talk to people right in front of you. You can switch off the WiFi if you find it irresistible. 

4. Stop Push Notifications

Do you actually need to know about the number of likes hit on your Facebook post or such things on an Instagram photograph instantly? Is it the way to real happiness for you? Also, shouldn’t something be said about the news cycle? There have been a lot of health specialists that have expressed that this 24/7 news cycle might make its own particular health epidemic, prompting expanded uneasiness and in addition lack of care. Turn it off. 

5. Walk off

Forest walking builds one’s feelings of happiness. In any case, you don’t need to go to a backwoods to discover these advantages. Leave your cell phone home and wind up noticeably inaccessible for 60 minutes a day. This one move will energize you surprisingly. It’s significantly more charming to spend time with those we cherish at the time of the holiday season when we’re ready to inhale, stop, and tune in. So give yourself permission and entertain yourself with a digital detox.