Menstruation is a nightmare for every woman. The issues that women suffer from during the menstrual period is quite painful anyway. But the general reactions of the menstrual period, such as bloating, pains, craving for chocolate, all gets even worse at the winter time. Whereas some say that it is a wrong notion, recent studies have revealed that this is a fact.

Analysis and studies:

Research says that the worse sort of premenstrual tensions and periods can be experienced in the winter season. With the darker and shorter days, the moods get sombre and that can affect the physical agility. No doubt, it has a very negative effect on the body. Moreover, a great amount of hormonal variance during those days makes the whole scenario even complicated.

The fact that the sunlight assists in making Vitamin D and Dopamine directly links to the panic of having periods in winters. Clinically, both are responsible for the mood swings and concentration of the brain. Lack of the same makes the mind and the body bogged down completely.

Moreover, during winters people love to spend more time in the house trying to stay warm and comfy. The winter food cravings and preference for more food also affects the phenomenon. This offers an adverse effect in the symptoms of premenstrual panic problems. It is seen that more active women have more manageable cycles and the pain and discomfort also happens to be lesser.

Physical Complications:

It will be wrong to assume that this effect is all on the mind and mood. The cycle length also changes a great deal when winter’s around. Studies have discovered the fact that increased secretion of hormone and ovulation frequency is seen with shorter cycles at summertime. So, women suffer longer cycles during the winter time now.

This is one of the reasons that the women who live in warmer climate have generally shorter menstrual cycles than the ones living in cold regions. According to the experts, during winters a steady series of check ups is essential if menstruation gets too painful and continues for a really long time.

Best things to do during periods nightmare

Periods are the worst part of any month. However, when the issues with low mood comes up, then it is hardly anything that can be done. In those painful days, spending time with your soul mates or loved ones and talking to them may make one feel better.

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Feel better during menstruation with these activities:

  • Try light weight exercises
  • Use hot water bags for abdomen
  • Drink more water and stay hydrated
  • Avoid caffeine
  • Sleep more

In case one misses her period or gets delayed periods may consult any GP and seek advice. Otherwise, she can suffer from heavier period cycle which will be a lot worse and a lot more painful. This can cause a fall in the iron levels and blood cells count in the body.